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Panache is a word of French origin which means distinctive and stylish elegance. At Panache Builtech, our aim is to create such buildings which are associated with someone of élan style. Panache is an ‘attitude to life’. The kind of architecture Panache provides, inspires this attitude in Panache families. The attitude of a wonderer in search of creative realization.

Many think that Panache is something people are born with. Here, we emphasize on an elegant living which is created at Panache reflecting the personalities of those attached with it. Panache is a very ‘own’ thing. Here you are the creator and innovator who discovers the life through the living space.


Our Mission is our drive inspiring us for architectural creativity, passion for work and creating an enriching lifestyle. Aiming to establish as one of the premier construction companies of the world, we pledge

  • To rejuvenate the lifestyle by bringing the best of architecture practices from around the world.
  • To provide the finest modern spaces one aspires for.
  • To establish bond with customers through exceptional performance and service minded attitude.
  • To become advocates of green environment in construction world.


To emerge as a leader in the Construction Industry by ensuring the highest level of satisfaction through modern and enriching lifestyle.

Our contemporary style projects are designed to stay forever as they are modern and up to date. And hence our will is to make Panache Builtech the only choice for the generations to come. Our vision is the framework of our mission which describes what we need to accomplish to have a quality growth.

For employees: to be a great inspirational place to work.

For society: to be a responsible company that promotes healthy family culture.

For customers: to provide the class - sentient living satisfying desires and needs

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